Festival FrontLines: Camp Bisco’s Social and Digital Media Strategy


Camp Bisco is an outdoor music festival held at the beautiful Indian Lookout Country Club, a world-class property located near Albany, NY. Camp Bisco is a 3-day rain-or-shine event with camping. Camp Bisco 12 will feature 3 days and nights of music on 5 stages, including 2 side-by-side Main Stages, 2 Dance Tents featuring top international Dance acts as well as a Silent Disco and a Showcase stage.

Kevin Earle — Marketing Director

Chris Weld — Social Media Manager

kickshufflelogo_300finalA common theme among music festivals today is to tap streaming services like Spotify to create playlists featuring the festival’s artists and bands. I know this is something you guys love to do. Tell me a little bit about your approach and how you incorporate fans in the process. (And here’s a link to the Camp Bisco Spotify playlist)
CW: Well, a big part of Camp Bisco is introducing fans to new artists or groups. It takes a lot of time to put these lineups together and we truly believe each act is on the bill for a reason. Our job is music and we listen to music all day everyday, so we understand that not everyone has heard of these acts. Spotify is a great tool to use as its expansive library has material from 99% of the acts we’re brining to Camp Bisco this year. We try to include a good amount of songs (new and old) in the playlist – this helps paint a better picture for each artist. One thing we love, however, is the fact that we’re able to make these playlists collaborative, so users can then log on and add their favorite songs to the list as well. This has not only rewarded us with some pretty awesome playlists, but also helps to give outsiders a good idea of what they can expect to hear this summer at Camp.
kickshufflelogo_300finalHow are you leveraging social media to promote the festival? Are you doing anything new this year that you haven’t done in years past?
KE: While we might not be doing anything radically new, every year we work to improve our engagement amongst the fans. Social Media is an amazing tool as we’re able to directly connect with our fan base. We place a strong emphasis on eye-catching and original content. We’ve also started using Instagram to help create visually-captivating material as well. We think it’s important for each page we run to have its own voice, but in the end it’s all about interaction.
Twitter – @campbisco
kickshufflelogo_300finalYou guys have this really cool thing called the digital street team, where fans can complete mini-missions online and earn official gear, artist meet-and-greets, VIP tickets, etc. What’s this all about?
KE: The digital sphere has become a crucial aspect for all of our marketing efforts. While physical promotional materials (Flyers, Posters, etc.) were once one of the most important pieces of marketing material, our fans and the digital reach they have is a much more potent marketing form than a print advertisement could ever be. Essentially this platform turns fans into marketers and engages them in a fun, rewarding and interactive manner. Camp Bisco is an awesome experience and we think fans should have just as much fun promoting the event as well.
kickshufflelogo_300finalTalk a little bit about the Showcase stage, where you’ll feature up and coming acts. And you’re currently accepting submissions from artists/bands? 
CW: The showcase stage is a special part of Camp as it provides local and less-prominent acts the opportunity to promote their music to a much larger crowd than they normally could. It’s rewarding to give some of these artists a chance to play at an event of this caliber. We are proud to say that acts like Bassnectar, Porter Robinson, Zedd, EOTO and more once played on this stage. It’s fun for us to check out all these submissions and we enjoy all the new music or acts that we get the opportunity to listen to. Currently we are accepting artist submissions for the Showcase Stage at Camp Bisco 12. All interested acts should contact musicsubmissions@campbisco.net!
kickshufflelogo_300finalWill social media play a significant role during the festival?
CW: Absolutely. We pride ourselves in the high quality of on-site Live Coverage that we’re able to offer. Social media provides a unique opportunity to showcase the experience to those who were unable to make it to the event in real time, while also allowing fans who are there a different vantage point of the festival throughout the weekend. While on-site we utilize every Camp Bisco platform and place an emphasis on eye-catching pictures, Photo Albums and Video recaps. If you haven’t seen our coverage from CB11 I would highly recommend checking out our Photo Albums on Facebook as there were some unbelievable shots, including our first ever 360 picture!
kickshufflelogo_300finalWhat is your social and digital media strategy for after the festival?
CW: Post-Event coverage is just as important as the coverage we’re able to provide during the festival. Normally we collect some of our favorite shots, videos, and pieces of engagement from the weekend to make sure the feeling that campers leave the festival grounds with looms over them until the end of summer. We always have a recap video, major photo album and do our best to keep the conversation alive throughout the off-season.
kickshufflelogo_300finalEvery year there are more and more music festivals popping up. Are you doing anything truly unique at Camp Bisco?
KE: We truly believe that Camp Bisco is a unique experience year in and year out. The sense of community with this event being in it’s 12th year is unparalleled in the festival industry. Each year we always try to provide unique and interactive elements, art installations and a diverse lineup that’s hard to match.


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