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How do you as a band use new media (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Youtube) to market your music and enhance your fan experience?

Our band is still in the early stages of writing, recording and promoting, but with social media, we can still immediately communicate with our fans, give out music and receive feedback, totally for free. The entire process allows the band aspect of our lives to be very low-pressure. We are all full-time students and the majority of us work part-time as well. While practicing and playing shows takes up a good chunk of our free time, it takes no time at all to update the band’s facebook status about an upcoming gig, post a photo or send a tweet.

We promote our music primarily through facebook and bandcamp. These services allow us to promote our music for free. Say we record a new track one afternoon. That track could be uploaded a few minutes later, spread literally all over the world, purchased, and that money would be back in our hands in a matter of seconds. While this is great for us, it’s even better for fans!

Fans can see what we’re doing, where we’re going and what’s coming as a notification on their smartphone. Say we need to fill in at a gig for another band that didn’t show. We can alert fans immediately that a new show is happening and fans can get there! Fans are much more connected with the band then ever before.`


Earl. is an indie-jazz band formed by all first year students at Columbia College Chicago. They have been playing together for a little less then 9 months. The different members of the band hail from New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Minnesota and Nebraska. Earl has released an EP online and has played a number of shows around Chicago’s South Loop. Earl continues to impress audience members and is steadily growing its fan base.



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